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Frequent Questions

¿What is the digital-kit?

It is an aid program of the European Commission aimed at SMEs andfreelancers that wish to be digitized. The goal is to enter a new era of labor management. It has a budget of 3,067 million and in Spain it is managed with the Spain 2025 Agenda.

¿Somos una empresa acreditada?

Yes, we are accredited by the state and we are published on the website In this link you can see our company. Look for "Asablon Automatica Integral, SL" and there, as at the start of this web page, you will be able to see the services we work with.

¿When can I request the bonus digital-kit?

The calls for the application of the digital-kit they will open progressively depending on the size of the company. The first phase will open in February 2022 and is intended for companies between 10 and 49 workers with an amount of 500,000 euros. The second phase is planned for the month of July for companies with 3 to 9 workers. The third phase is expected to open in September, aimed at the self-employed and micro-SMEs with up to 2 users.

¿What expenses does not the bonus digital-kit include?

The call bases indicate that the purchase of hardware, aspects associated with connectivity, taxes and consulting services, among others, are not eligible.

¿When does the bonus expire?

It expires after 6 months.

¿Can the self-employed receive aid in modules?

Yes, they have to meet certain requirements for this purpose.

¿How long does it take to receive the bonus?

Applications will be dealt with in order of arrival, however, the deadlines are not specified in the call bases. Next, the applicant companies must pass a validation process as they meet the requirements to receive the grant.

¿How do you know if you have been awarded the Digital Kit?

The status of the application can be viewed on  this website. Once inside, go to "acceder a mis solicitudes". It will ask you for the digital certificate or Cl@ve to access.

¿How is the Digital Kit subsidy charged?

The payment is not made to the beneficiary companies, but to the companies accredited as digitizing agents. 

¿Who pays VAT on the service provided by the Digital Kit?

The beneficiary company. VAT must be paid to the suppliers, since taxes are not included in the aid. The rest is paid by

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